By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Laurie Kaneff is on an emotional roller coaster after burglars break into her Cherry Hill home, stealing irreplaceable items, including her dog Jessie.

“I just want her home,” she said.  “I go from being so sad to such anger, I can’t even go there.”

Jessie is a 13-year-old Maltese who has been with the family since she was a puppy.

“She is just a happy little dog.”

Police say the neighborhood rarely sees break-ins.

The burglary happened last Wednesday when Laurie was at work.

“It’s a horrible feeling knowing someone was in your home, going through your things and taking your dog.”

When Laurie came home, she found her house ransacked.  “Things were just broken into,” she explained.  “Cabinets open, things thrown on the floor.”

The burglars also took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and family heirlooms.

Laurie says jewelry can be replaced, but fears for Jessie’s safety, since the dog is very frail.

“You can’t pet her too hard,” Kaneff added.  “She might just go to the ground, her legs are getting weak.”

The Kaneff family believes the suspects may have thought Jessie was a puppy since she weighs only two pounds.

“Small dogs are being taken, they are taken to sell.”

Laurie’s son Nick has been checking websites like Craigslist to see if anyone is now trying to sell the stolen dog.

They are hoping the suspects will return Jessie.

“Bring my dog back,” Nick Kaneff pleaded.  “Put her on the front step. Ring the doorbell. Leave her at the neighbor’s house.”

“I’d just hate to think what happened to her,” Laurie added.

The Kaneoff family is hoping the public can help.  If you have any information you’re being asked to contact Cherry Hill Police: 856-488-7828.

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