By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’ve ever been frustrated by customer service phone lines that route your question overseas, a fix could be on the way.

A Pennsylvania senator is part of the push to keep those calls in this country.

(On-hold voice:) “Please stay on the line. Someone will be with you shortly.”

Of all the options to navigate before you talk to a real person.

(On-hold voice:) “Your call is very important to us.”

Why can’t you choose a call center based in the United States?

(On-hold voice:) “Press one for America.”

That’s what Senator Bob Casey, Congressmen David McKinley (R-W. Va.) and Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.), and the Communications Workers of America union are calling a bill intended to slam the phone on off-shoring call centers.

It would force those on the other end of the line to say where they are, and to give an option for the caller to transfer to a rep based in the United States.

The CWA says overseas call centers kill American jobs and put our personal information at risk.

The lawmakers and union will renew their push for the bill’s passage in a news conference on Wednesday.

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