By Todd Quinones

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KEMPTON, Pa., (CBS) — A Berks County family is mourning the loss of their puppy.

Now family members want to know what exactly happened.

Lilly was a 10-month-old border collar pointer mix that became part of her owner’s family.

“[She was] the most lovable little puppy. Didn’t have a care in the world,” owner Kayla Quales said.

Quales was devastated when she found Lilly’s body in the woods.

Lilly was killed by this arrow. Someone apparently shot her in the neck and the arrow pierced right through her back.

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The family suggests blood trails found where Lilly’s body was discovered indicate Lilly suffered, that she staggered about 100 feet before she collapsed and began gnawing on a branch.

“My dad said that’s a sign that what do you do if you’re in pain and don’t have morphine, you’re going to bite down on something,” Quales said.

Lilly is now buried here on Quales’ parents’ property in Kempton, Berks County.

“There’s just no reason for it,” she said.

Lilly was killed Saturday night. Her body was found on a neighboring property where Quales believes at least two men were hunting.

She says the Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating.

“Don’t take the coward’s way out. I want to know what happened to my puppy,” Quales said.

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