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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Normally, the made-up trade comes on a Wednesday or a Thursday. But with Evan Turner playing well, and trade rumors starting to fly, this one was created because of emergency circumstances.

It seems like of the big three (HAHA!) Sixers of Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes, Turner and Hawes are the most likely to be traded given their contract situations. The fact that they’re both playing (likely) over their heads makes a trade even more likely.

So made-up trade commissioner Ethan Giles (follow on Twitter @Giles1228) hit the trade machine, and came up with this beauty.

Sixers Get:

Alonzo Gee ($3.3 Million, Two Years)

CJ Miles ($2.2 Million, One Year)

Shane Larkin ($1.5 Million, Four Years)

Sergey Karasev ($1.5 Million, Four Years)

Rashard Lewis ($1.4 Million, One Year)

Cavs 2014 1st Round Pick (Lottery Protected)

Heat 2014 1st Round Pick (Unprotected) & rights to potential Sixers pick obtained for Moultrie

Mavericks 2016 1st Round Pick (Unprotected)

Mavericks Get:

Evan Turner ($6.7 Million, One Year)

Joel Anthony ($3.8 Million, Two Years)

Cavaliers Get:

Shawn Marion ($9.3 Million, One Year)

Heat Get:

Spencer Hawes (!) ($6.5 Million, One Year)

Why The Sixers Do It: Are you kidding? This is great! The Sixers get three first round picks, Shane Larkin and Sergey Karasev for Turner and Hawes? Sign me up! They get worse for this year, as well as build with more young pieces and draft picks. As well, I have an unhealthy obsession with Karasev based on several short Youtube clubs I have seen of him.

Why The Mavericks Do It: NBA reporter Sam Amico says the Mavericks would be a fit for Turner, who would fit in nicely with Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki as they add pieces to make a playoff push. Amico says the Mavericks would like to add a “good young scorer,” and as of now, Turner fits that mold.

Why The Cavaliers Do It: Marion would fill the hole the Cavs have at the small forward spot nicely, as well as become an expiring contract as they look to (maybe) sign Lebron James after the season. Marion fits in well next to Irving and Waiters, as Marion can be effective without the ball.

Why The Heat Do It: Because it is destiny that Hawes ends up on an NBA champion so he can visit the White House while Barack Obama is president.

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