By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

The Eagles caught a break when Aaron Rodgers was injured against the Bears. They then caught another break when Seneca Wallace was injured early in Sunday’s game. They caught some breaks when a couple of underthrown Nick Foles passes turned into touchdowns rather than interceptions.

All that said, 5-5 after ten games and tied for the division lead, we’ll take it!

Gold Star – Riley Cooper

Cooper’s play over the last five games may be the biggest surprise on a team that has been full of them. Another two touchdown receptions on Sunday, one of them an impressive, centerfield like twist and turn around to catch a ball that looked like it had little chance of winding up in his harms the most impressive, have made Cooper look less like a bad #2 wide receiver, and closer to a decent #1. Really.

Demerit – Referees

I’m never this guy, but today I think we can all be this guy. Does LeSean McCoy’s head need to spin all the way around before someone calls a facemask penalty?

Gold Star – Brandon Boykin

He may have only been the second best Boykin on Sunday, but he was still very good. With Bradley Fletcher hurt, Roc Carmichael got the start, but it was Boykin that took the opportunity to shine.

Demerit – The Eagles Challenge Squad

It’s hard to blame Chip Kelly, because the calls to challenge usually come from a coach in the booth. So whomever is in the booth advising him, please do a better job.

Gold Star – LeSean McCoy

Shady’s back.

Demerit – Najee Goode

Someone get this guy some gloves with some stick ’em on them.

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