PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The biggest story in the NFL this week has nothing to do with what happens on the field. Instead, the biggest story, the alleged bullying situation that occurred with Rich Incognito and Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins, has stolen the headlines.

NFL players have been split on who was in the wrong. Many say that Incognito went over the line, but also a large faction of players who are standing up for him, and saying that Martin did not handle the situation the right way.

Eagles center Jason Kelce says that he sees both sides of it.

“You know it’s tough for me to put my perspective on that because you never know all the circumstances and everything,” Kelce told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday.  “All you get are little sound bytes that the media puts out, or text messages, voice mails, but you don’t know the circumstances behind all that. All I can say is that, it seemed like two people, Richie obviously, Incognito, handled it, or was completely wrong. Way over the top, but I think the other kid [Jonathan] Martin probably could have handled the situation a lot better. But again, it’s tough, you never know the circumstances behind all that stuff, but I can guarantee nothing like that ever happened in Philadelphia.”

The role of the coaches and front office in the Miami situation is still up in the air. Some reports say that the coaching staff was aware of the situation, and some reports dispute that.

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis said he didn’t have enough information to comment on the Dolphins situation specifically, but outlined the role of a coach in such situations.

“I know from my own experiences, I think it’s a group of men—it’s coaches stepping in, it’s players, it’s leaders, it’s anybody that’s around it and sees it. But you’ve got to have a player communication to you what’s going on too, or what feelings he has. If you don’t have all the information it’s tough to act. All we can act on is what we see,” Davis said.

“Every day, all day, for six months we are with each other. We know everything about each other, nobody fools anybody and within that, we’ve got our own little brand of leadership and everybody has to kind of be grown men about it and treat each other professionally, and that’s why we have a great working environment here in Philadelphia. We just monitor that everyday, it can turn on you quick, so you always have to keep an eye on it. We got a bunch of good people that are committed to each other and we’ve got great chemistry going on right now, and I think it’s because of the structure Chip [Kelly] has set up in the building.”