HATFIELD, Pa. (CBS) —  Police have recovered a BMW station wagon stolen in a home invasion in Montgomery County.

Police responded to a robbery early Thursday morning on the 1400 block of Leas Way in Hatfield.

According to Hatfield Police, the 34-year-old victim was returning home from the Philadelphia area around 5 a.m. when he was approached by several individuals who held him up at gunpoint in his driveway.

“He was beaten, and his face was covered almost immediately upon exiting his vehicle,” Officer Pat Hanrahan of Hatfield Township Police said.

The suspects then forced the victim into his home, tied him up and assaulted him.

“He was detained, and tied up with wire ties. While inside the house he was continuing to be beaten,” Hanrahan said.

While inside the victim’s home, the suspects stole numerous personal items, including firearms.

“I was terrified. Nothing has ever, ever happened on our street,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors of the victim, who lives with his father, spoke fondly of the family.

“The family is very quiet. The father is a lovely person,” another neighbor said.

The suspects fled the scene in the victim’s car, a silver 2003 BMW station wagon. Police recovered the stolen vehicle Thursday night.

The fact that police believe that the victim was targeted and this was not random attack did little to calm neighbors deeply shaken by violence on their quiet street.

“It is a shock that something like that happened on a street like to this,” a neighbor said.

The victim suffered several cuts to his head and his face. He was transported to Lansdale Hospital and treated for his injuries.

The Hatfield Police urge anyone with information on the incident to call the Police Department at 215-855-0903.