By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I’m glad to know I was sort of the inspiration behind this week’s made-up trade.

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I was thinking about the Rockets, and how the Dwight Howard/Omer Asik thing just doesn’t work. They need to eventually do something to find someone who fits next to Dwight Howard. I thought to myself, “maybe Thaddeus Young would fit a little bit there.”

But the problem with any sort of Daryl Morey/Sam Hinkie trade is that I just don’t think they will both pull the trigger in a major trade with the other. The Rockets made their name in party by making trades that ended up benefiting the Rockets far more than their trade partners. Here would be the two men who once teamed up to rip off others, potentially trying to rip each other off. So how do we get around this?

The answer is clear. Hinkie and Morey team up and get other teams involved to make sure the other teams are the ones ripped off. And with that idea, made-up-trade-master Ethan Giles (follow on Twitter @Giles1228) came up with this beauty.

Sixers Get:

Iman Shumpert ($1.7 Million, Two Years)

Terrence Jones ($1.6 Million, Three Years)

Donatas Motiejunas ($1.4 Million, Three Years)

Rockets Get:

Thaddeus Young ($8.9 Million, Three Years)

Brandon Bass ($6.5 Million, Two Years)

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Knicks Get:

Omer Asik ($8.4 Million, Two Years)

Courtney Lee ($5.2 Million, Three Years)

Celtics Get:

Andrew Bargnani ($11.9 Million. Two Years)

Knicks First Round Pick in 2017

Why The Sixers Do It: They turn one fair, $10 million per year contract into three cheap, high upside, more than fair contracts. The combination of Shumpert and Carter-Williams may produce one of the  best, if not the best, defensive backcourts in the NBA. There’s some nice potential upside for Terrence Jones as well. Also, think of the potential of having the two best hi-top fades (Shumpert, Noel) on one team.

Why The Rockets Do It: Frontcourt depth, guys that fit better next to Dwight Howard, and two guys that might not hate Howard as much as Asik already does.

Why The Knicks Do It: James Dolan is FREAKING OUT. The Knicks look like they might stink, and Tyson Chandler is hurt. They get some frontcourt help in Asik, and another rotation guard in Lee. Plus, there was the rumor that Dolan wanted to trade Shumpert anyway. Did we mention Dolan was freaking out?

Why The Celtics Do It: Tank, tank, tank, tank, tank. They get worse, and replace one bad contract that expires after next season with another, but get a first round pick for doing it.

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