By Mike DeNardo and Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  He officially kicked off his re-election bid yesterday in Pittsburgh (see related story).

Today, Governor Corbett brought his campaign for a second term as Pennsylvania governor to the state’s largest city.

“I would love for you to vote for me in November of 2014 as your next governor of Pennsylvania.  Thank you,” he told about 150 supporters.

Corbett launched his “Promises Kept” campaign at an American Legion hall in Fox Chase.

Corbett’s website lists five areas in which the administration argues it has kept its original campaign promises.  They include restarting Pennsylvania’s economy, reforming Harrisburg, protecting your tax dollars, investing in education, and making Pennsylvania an energy leader.

Outside the event, protesters zeroed in on the education investment claim.  About 100 school advocates chanted “One-term Tom,” and said he had actually cut millions from school funding in Philadelphia.

Corbett maintained that the city and state have given concessions for Philadelphia’s schools but the teachers’ union hasn’t in the ongoing budget dispute.

“I’m still waiting to see where the teachers — where the teachers’ union, rather… Not the teachers. The teachers are really doing a good job. I was a teacher. Sue was a teacher. We understand it. But there has to be compromise on all sides. I’m still waiting on that third side of that stool,” Corbett said.


Corbett says education funding during his current term is at its highest level ever.

Thursday’s event came a little over a week after a Franklin and Marshall College poll showed poor support for the governor amongst members of his own party.

Forty-four percent of polled Republicans said they want Corbett to step aside so another Republican can run next year in his place.

One in five registered voters across all parties said Corbett has not done enough to deserve re-election.