By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Despite dismal poll numbers, Governor Corbett leaves no doubt that he intends to seek a second term next year by kicking off his campaign one day after the 2013 election with an event in Pittsburgh this morning.

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As rumors continue to percolate – fueled by news stories citing anonymous GOP officials –that top Republicans would like someone else to run, Governor Corbett is undaunted, forging ahead with his campaign for re-election. At the University of Virginia, Professor Larry Sabato tracks gubernatorial races around the country.

And citing a Franklin and Marshall College Poll last week showing only 20-percent of Pennsylvania voters believe he deserves re-election, Goeffrey Skelley – associate publisher of Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” – says that political website considers Corbett the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the nation next year.

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“When you’re talking about numbers in the low 30s and even into the 20s for approval rating, it’s difficult to overcome that.”

Skelley refuses to declare Corbett’s re-election bid “doomed” but describes his situation as “precarious” and says there are still some things that could go in Corbett’s favor, including a nasty primary fight between the eight Democrats who have announced their candidacy.

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