By Jessica Dean

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ABINGTON Twp., Pa., (CBS) – Election Day ended in Abington Township with not one, but two unofficial ties in Board of Commissioners races.

After months of campaigning, the end result could come down to something as trivial as a coin toss or roll of the dice.

One day after the elections, it’s the buzz in Elkins Park.

“It’s just unbelievable that it actually happened,” one resident said.

“I mean it’s just crazy that it came to that. I hope the best wins,” another resident said.

It’s an unofficial tie for Commissioner of this area, Ward Four in Abington Township.

“These local elections are a lot closer than people realize. Every vote counts and this is ringing true to many people out there today,” said Leslie Richards, Montgomery County Election Board Chair.

Especially to Democrat Jimmy DiPlacido and Republican Pamela Vasserman, who are now forced to wait until Friday to find out if their race was officially a 517 to 517 tie.

“I knew it was going to be close, I didn’t know who was going to win, but I didn’t know it was going to be this close,” said Pamela Vasserman, Ward Four candidate.

“Frustrated, yes, a little, however I looked at the vote count and the number and I got to see how many people came out and I got a good feeling about that,” said Jimmy DiPlacido, Ward Four candidate.

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On Friday, tabulators will go over every voting cartridge and add in military and absentee ballots.

And if it’s still a tie…

“They will cast lots to decide who are the winners in these races-lots are games of chance, our solicitor is looking at what that will be, a coin flip, a roll of the dice or something else,” Richards said.

Options that don’t sit too well with some locals.

“I don’t think our leaders ought to be picked by the toss of a coin. It should be by the vote of the people,” said voter Bob Allison.

The candidates themselves are surprised it could come down to a coin or dice.

“Your whole race, all the stuff you’ve been working for is a coin toss…I can’t believe it,” said.

“Like in the fight game, we’ll leave it to the judges, we both fought a good race, we went all rounds, it’s time to let the judges decide,” said.

Consider Friday Judgment Day.

If the race ends up being an official tie, the two candidates will cast their lots on November 22nd.

This wouldn’t be the first time for Montgomery County. In 2007 the Mayor of Conshohocken was decided by a roll of the dice.

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