PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The matchup on Sunday was supposed to be the quarterback who just tied the record for the most TD passes in one game in Nick Foles, against one of the very best quarterbacks in the league in Aaron Rodgers. It looks like we’ll only get half of that.

Reports suggest that Aaron Rodgers’ injury may keep him out of the game, and give the Eagles a better shot to win.

“I mean, Aaron’s [Rodgers] such a talented quarterback, he’s one of the most elite quarterbacks in the league and you know, you never want to see that happen,” Foles told Angelo Cataldi and the WIP Morning Show on Tuesday.  “I am going to be saying prayers for his health. That’s just something that—it is [a different game], just ’cause of how elite he is. But, we got to focus and I know we’re going to prepare as if he’s playing and we’re going to be ready to get after it. We have a big week ahead of us, of preparations.”

The most recent reports suggest that Rodgers have a fractured collarbone, and will be out at least a few weeks. In that case Foles will take on backup Seneca Wallace at Lambeau Field.

“I have only seen it [Lambeau Field] from the outside, I have never been in it,” Foles said. “It’ll be fun to play there. Obviously, growing up being a football fan, you know Lambeau Field, you’ve seen games here on TV and I’ve seen it from the outside and it’ll be great to play there and I’m excited for it.”

After Foles’ record performance, there is still the question of “what happened against the Cowboys?” Foles can tell you one thing that didn’t happen: he didn’t choke.

“No pressure is not a factor in that. I feel confident out there, I’ve played this game a long time,” Foles said. “I have a great group of guys surrounding me, our defense played great that game—I just didn’t have a good game. It’s as simple as that. I know everybody is going to try to look into it, but it’s a game that I really dissected the film. I really got—It was great getting back on the practice field and getting healthy. No, the pressure didn’t get to me I just, had a bad day.”


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