By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The most exciting thing about covering the Philadelphia Eagles this year is that it seems like we have a new team to cover every week.

That may not be quite as exciting for fans, of course, but at least they’ve kept it interesting.

Yesterday was the fun Eagles, good news for everyone.

Gold Star – Nick Foles

What a comeback performance from Nick Foles. To go from one of the worst performances in NFL quarterback history against the Cowboys, a concussion, and widespread question of his mental makeup, Foles came back strong with a historic performance against the Raiders. Seven touchdowns, even in today’s offense-happy NFL is an accomplishment. The quarterback controversy is dead, for this week.

Demerit – Cary Williams

The defense overall has looked very good the last several weeks, but Williams is still at-best, an average cornerback being paid like something much more.

Gold Star – Chip Kelly

The NFL has figured him out! He is overmatched! He’ll be back coaching a college team next year!

Not. So. Fast.

When you go back and look at the Eagles this year, they’ve had three poor offensive performances. One against the Chiefs, the NFL’s best defense. One against the Cowboys, when Nick Foles missed open receiver after open receiver. And one against the Giants, with an injured Michael Vick and a fourth round pick, third string QB at the helm. Chip Kelly knows what he’s doing.

Demerit – I Don’t Have One

They won, 49-20. What do you want from me?

Gold Star – Trent Cole

Any time you can prove you’re alive, you get a gold star.

Demerit – See Demerit Above

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