By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Plants may be the solution to balancing your system and reducing stress.

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You can ingest the essence of certain flowers to restore balance to your system and reduce the symptoms of stress, depression, trauma and anxiety, according to Charlene Briggs a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Temple University.

She says there are 38 different flowers that she uses.

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“Impatiens is for tension in the body, elm is for when we’re overwhelmed, there’s just too much on the list, agrimony is very good for when there are addictions, aspen is very good for fear, night terrors, when someone has been traumatized and there’s fear of the unknown like something awful is going to happen.”

She says the flower petals are soaked in water and a person takes a few drops several times during the day to take in the flowers energy and healing properties.

“The essences are liquid formulas so to make a flower essence you take the blooms of these healing plants, plants that have been identified with healing properties and you infuse them, like take a solar tea or you can heat them, it’s soaking the blooms in water.”

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