By John Ostapkovich

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–More and more people are going vegan and a couple of long-time advocates have updated their how-to guide for ditching meat and dairy.

Dietician Vesanto Melina, co-author of “Becoming Vegan, Express Edition,” made the switch 20 years ago when, after two decades as a vegetarian, she realized her use of dairy product still put farm animals to harm.

She says you don’t have to make the change, if you’ll pardon the expression, cold turkey. The book can help you with steps.

“It gives people a real confidence and we’ve got menus and ways of eating clearly laid out for people to show that it’s very, very simple.”

Melina insists Veganism provides plenty of protein.

“People don’t really think that there are a lot of plant alternatives and that big animals like cows and elephants get all of their protein from plant food and that we could to the same.”

The book’s food guide recommends a couple of vitamin supplements.

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