By Al Novack and Jenn Bernstein

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — Firefighters in Montgomery County battled an early morning 2-alarm fire located at the Colonade Manor apartment complex along the 100-block of Washington Lane.

The blaze was reported just after 1-o’clock this morning and fire crews contained and declared the fire under control 2-hours later.

The two standing high rises on the property were not touched, but flames engulfed the leasing office, which was unoccupied at the time. Damage is said to be extensive.

McKinley Fire Company Chief Chris Boars said the fire was challenging to knock out, especially since the office is old.

“The fire made its way up into the attic, which a common space, and the companies on the roof reported that the roof was starting to fail, so we had to order everyone out of the building,” said McKinley Fire Company Chief Chris Boars.

One volunteer firefighter suffered an unspecified non-life threatening injury. He was taken to nearby Abington Memorial hospital for evaluation.

The Abington fire Marshal is now trying to determine what caused the early morning blaze.