By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--On Tuesday, WPHT’S Dom Giordano spoke with former Vice President Dick Cheney about releasing his new book titled “Heart,” his health and how he feels about President Obama and his handling of the U.S. military.

When speaking of his past heart attacks, the former Vice President says he came away with several insights that he conveys in his book, “When in doubt, check it out. If you have a twinge and think you may be having a heart attack get to the nurse and have them test you. About 90 percent of the people who do that get there in time and they survive. But half of those who ignore it, we lose them, they die.”

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He also adds that his doctor’s advice was that “stress comes from being forced do something that you do not want to do, doing a job you hate, that’s stress.”

When it comes to President Obama, Cheney agrees with Giordano that Obama is “disengaged at best.”

Cheney explains, “Whenever something embarrassing happens, they all say ‘well he didn’t know about.'”

Cheney says his concern is Obama is “deeply committed to his view of the world and his view of the world, in my mind, is a socialist America, an America that has significantly diminished ability to influence events around the world. He’s letting our military atrophy through his budget exercise. He’s pulling out of the Middle East at a very critical time, when if anything the threat is growing over there.”

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He says Obama needs to remember what happened the last time we pulled out of Afghanistan, “We ended up with 3,000 dead Americans, the World Trade Center blowing up, an attack on the Pentagon and an attempt to attack the Capitol and the White House. It was the worst attack on the United States in our history.”

Giordano says he worries most about Iran and Obama playing into what Iranians are all about.

Cheney agreed saying all of our friends “over there” are just as worried about Iran and their nuclear weapons.

Cheney does believe Iran is very close to having a nuclear weapon, and now Barack Obama “has lost all credibility because he lectures the Iranians about not crossing that red line of developing a nuke and then he cuts our naval deployment in the Persian Gulf in half, it makes no sense.”

In the future, Cheney says “I’ll be as helpful as possible to my party and the conservative causes going forward.”

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