By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s State Treasurer is calling on Governor Corbett to give up his Administration’s efforts to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery, saying the Governor has already spent $3.4 million on consultants to make the move a reality.

Treasurer Rob McCord says there’s no reason for the Corbett Administration to move forward with the privatization effort, especially after Attorney General Kathleen Kane rejected the contract as illegal back in February.

“They have spent $3.4 million on expensive consultants and lawyers trying to make something illegal legal,” McCord said.

McCord says the money being spent on the consultants could have gone a long way in services for Pennsylvania’s senior citizens.

“Another 6,000 senior houses with senior tax rebates, another 150,000 discounted prescriptions, and another 420,000 hot meals. But instead, that $3.4 million is going to consultants,” McCord said.

Governor Corbett has extended the deadline for bids on a lottery contracts eight times so far, and McCord is asking that there isn’t a ninth extension.