By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The one thing that this season was supposed to be, despite wins and losses, was exciting.

Now I’m all for appreciating good defense, but I can tell you, without question, that not scoring an offensive touchdown in two games, despite how well your defense plays, is not exciting.

I’m confident in Chip Kelly as the long-term coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, but he, along with his team, has not had a good couple of weeks.

Gold Star – Fletcher Cox

Lost (mostly) in the disaster of the Eagles offense is the slow but steady improvement of the defense. Once thought to be a bad fit for the current system, Fletcher Cox has gotten better every week, and seemed to be the only guy getting consistent pressure on Eli Manning.

Demerit – Chip Kelly

Forget not kicking the field goal from 50 yards away. Forget not running the ball at first and goal from the two yard line. Someone’s got to explain to me why Michael Vick started at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Forget pulling it whenever they said he pulled it, Vick was not healthy going into the game. Of course some of this blame has to go to Vick (we’ll get to that), but players want to play. How Kelly didn’t see during the week that Vick was not able to be effective is lost on me.

Gold Star – Billy Davis

Slow and steady wins the race right? While most of us were yelling and screaming that Davis should build his system around the talent he has, he’s slowly done the opposite, and integrated the talent into the system they’re running. Not everyone on the team seems to be a fit, but if this is what they’re going to do long term, it’s best to find out who on the current roster can make it work.

Demerit – Michael Vick

You’re a warrior Mike, we get it. You want to be on the field, we get it. You thought you had to come in and save us, we get it. But the simple fact is that Vick is not and has never been the most accurate thrower in the NFL, and without his legs he doesn’t present the threat needed to make him an effective option.

Gold Star – Najee Goode

Not only did Goode score the only touchdown of the day for the Eagles, but he notified just about all of us that he exists and is on the roster.

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