By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It looks so well planned, but it isn’t, because I’m not a very good planner, I just try to choose pretty native trees and shrubs that look pretty from season to season. And so, the fact that for a few weeks now, my Franklinia and Dogwood trees, as well as my Itea, Fothergilla, and blueberry shrubs, have all been color-coordinated – turning shades from scarlet to maroon – is partly coincidence, and partly the result of choosing plants that Nature decorates so nicely.

You can see photos of all five of these plants wearing their fall fashions here.

They’re just a few favorites of what I call ‘Patriotic Plants’ – easy-care native trees and shrubs you can plant to increase your curb appeal, beckon more birds to your yard, and enjoy a lovely, low-maintenance landscape. Once established, these plants have really gotten no attention from me – until they call my attention with their spectacular shows of flowers, fruit, and fabulous foliage through the year.

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