By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s been less than two weeks since the government shutdown ended and America averted a default. The debate, however, is just beginning.

For Democratic strategist Donna-Gentile O’Donnell of Philadelphia, the fuss over Obamacare is being overplayed by the Republicans:

“If the Republicans had spent a fraction of the energy trying to make Obamacare better and implement it properly we would have so much less drama and so much more productivity,” she said.

Val DiGeorgio is the chairman of the Chester County Republicans. He rejects the suggestion that Republicans who supported the shutdown and opposed Obama care will be hurt in next years elections:

“Poll after poll, since this bill was enacted and signed into law up until the current day, it’s never been over 50% approval for this mammoth piece of legislation and I think with the problems we’re seeing right now with the website and beyond I think Republicans who took a stand against Obamacare will benefit.

Listen to Larry’s full interview’s (trt 24:49)….


The GOP chair joins fellow Republican Farah Jimenez and Democrats Josh Shapiro and Gentile-O’Donnel in a verbal free for all with a frank assessment of next years Governors Race in Pa on Voice of Reason on The Comcast Network at 9:30 tonight.

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