By Brad Segall

OAKS, Pa. (CBS) — A group of Republican state lawmakers from Montgomery County, Pa. are reviving their opposition to charge tolls on Route 422.  They are pushing legislation that prohibits new tolls on existing public roads without a vote of the state legislature.

There’s nothing right now that indicates tolling the road is imminent, but Pennsylvania state representative Mike Vereb wants to shut the door before that discussion heats up again.

His bill would give the voters a say, by requiring legislative approval before an existing road constructed with federal or state dollars could be tolled.

Vereb (at lectern in photo) says tax money is already used to build and maintain those roads.

“Why should the people that use 422 as their four-lane main street every day have to pay tolls when we have rebuilt other highways, reconditioned other bridges and other roadways, without using the tolling process,” Vereb asked.

It was three years ago when the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission proposed tolling Route 422 at a total rate of $2.65 each way.  There would have been four different electronic tolling stations between Valley Forge and Pottstown.