PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia sports are in sad shape.

The Flyers just fired their coach, and have just one win on the year. The Eagles, while there is some optimism, are 3-4 and just fired their longtime coach months ago. The Sixers will likely be the worst team in the NBA, and the Phillies have an expensive, aging core.

So the WIP Morning Show asked on Wednesday, ” what one person is most to blame for the sad state of Philadelphia sports?”

Host Angelo Cataldi suggested that Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, and his big contract, is the most to blame. Listeners didn’t agree and offered up their suggestions.

The finalists, as suggested by callers, were, Ruben Amaro Jr., Paul Holmgren, Andy Reid, Joe Banner, Ed Snider, Ilya Bryzgalov, Andrew Bynum, Patrick Kane, and Vince Young.

After a discussion and an internal vote, the WIP Morning Show decided former Eagles general manager Joe Banner was the most to blame.