By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – After weeks, months, of finding a way to trade Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes, and once in a while Evan Turner, we gave made-up trade-master Ethan Giles (on Twitter @Giles1228) a week to work with other teams.

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There are only so many trade scenarios that involve Sixers players, and I would not doubt if Sam Hinkie ends up pulling the trigger on one of our previous suggestions. Not because he needs the help or got the idea from the column, but because I don’t think there are any other options left.

So with that, this week’s made-up trade is not a four team maze like they normally are. It is a one-for-one blockbuster.

I WANT TO BE CLEAR THIS IS NOT A REAL TRADE. As I’ve outlined, this is a “who says no?” or “would you do it?” scenario. Just for fun.

T-Wolves Get

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Blake Griffin ($16.4 Million, Five Years)

Clippers Get

Kevin Love ($14.7 Million, Three Years)

Why The T-Wolves Do It: Kevin Love is playing nice because his enemy, David Kahn is gone, but let’s be real, we all know Love wants out of Minnesota. They’ve never put the team around him that he needs to make the most of his abilities (or so he believes), and the sting of not getting the max number of years on his contract extensions is still there. In Blake Griffin, the Wolves don’t have to go down the rebuilding road again, getting a top line talent for a top line talent. They’d also be creating the midwest lob city with Ricky Rubio and Griffin. It also seems like Griffin is a more natural fit next to Pekovic than Love is.

Why The Clipper Do It: The best rebounder that the Clippers have is DeAndre Jordan, who can’t be on the floor at the end of games because he can’t shoot free throws. There’s also been talk that Griffin’s easy-going-let’s-have-fun attitude doesn’t mesh well with do-it-or-die Chris Paul. In trading the organization’s golden boy in Griffin, they get back a guy who desperately wants the spotlight in Love

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