PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new app allows users to bribe their way to a date.

It’s called Carrot Date, and it subscribes to the stereotype that giving a woman gifts is the way to her heart.

Users who log on can exchange gifts for a date, including flowers, a romantic dinner or even an “outdoor adventure.” A one-minute video further explains the gist.

“To dangle a carrot,” the video says. “It’s the best way to motivate an animal – a man or a woman – to do exactly what you want.”

Singles can browse available dates then choose one they like and opt to “dangle a carrot.” If the other person says yes to the “bribe,” a so-called online conversation begins, allowing them to make further plans.

“Messaging may get her interested, but bribery will get you a date,” the app alleges. “From flowers to jewelry, there’s a bribe for every budget.”


But before you scoff, consider the app’s back story: Founder and formerly “never-been-kissed MIT nerd” Brandon Wade says he was inspired by his mother, who told him he’d have more dating options once he was successful and could afford to be generous. Wade, who quit his job at Fortune 500 company Booz Allen and founded a number of dating websites, says he found “not only love” this way, but also “a solution for men like himself.”

Intrigued? Carrot Date is free to download and currently available for Android and Apple devices.

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