PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Corbett administration is dismissing complaints from state Senate Democrats about the latest version of TV ads about the state’s voter ID law, the future of which is in the hands of a judge.

Even as all parties await a court ruling on the fate of the voter ID law, the Corbett administration is spending ONE-million dollars on advertising this fall. And while the ads state that voters won’t be required to show ID, Allegheny County Democratic Senator Matt Smith still believes they should be pulled:

“The net effect is that it will mislead people,” he said. “I’ve heard from constituents that they’re confused.”

Ron Ruman is the spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of State, which oversees elections.

“We think the ads are pretty clear,” he said. “The ads specifically state you will be asked but not required to show a photo ID.”

Ruman says the administration believes the law will be upheld, and believes it has an obligation to follow the law’s mandates to inform people about how to get a valid ID, and has no intention of spiking the ads.