PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Michael Vick announced on Thurday, while standing next to Nick Foles, that he would not be playing in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Vick says that while he heals from a hamstring injury, the team is in good hands with Foles.

Vick is not alone in that belief.

“I think Nick is a great quarterback. I think on a lot of other—on a few other teams, he’d probably be a starting quarterback in this league,” Eagles center Jason Kelce told the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday. “He’s kind of in that position where the team has two really, really good quarterbacks and they’ve played very well this year for the most part. And Mike [Vick] adds a little bit more dynamic with his legs that opens the playbook maybe a little bit, in terms of Coach Kelly, but Nick is a tremendous quarterback and we can football games with Nick, no doubt. I’ll never question that.”

Nick Foles filled in well in his first start of the season in the Eagles win over the Bucs, throwing for 296 yards and three touchdowns, and running for a fourth touchdown. A repeat of that performance may mean that Foles will start regardless of Vick’s injury situation.

“[Foles] really has a great huddle feel, if that’s the word,” Kelce said.  “He goes in right away, as soon as he is put into a situation and he asserts himself. He’s not nervous, he’s not soft spoken. He really does have that kind of quarterback leadership that you want.”

Though many will argue that the Cowboys’ main rival is Washington, and the Eagles’ main rival is the Giants, there is very little doubt about the disdain that Eagles fans have for the Cowboys.

“The city seems a lot more involved when it’s Dallas week. And then not to mention, this is an in division opponent where you are going to have to deal with twice and there’s a lot of playoff implications here whenever you are dealing with the Dallas Cowboys,” Kelce said. “We know this a very huge game. We try not to make it seem more important than any other game, but in all reality, it’s a little bit more important.”



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