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With their Home Remodeling Showroom Located in Downtown Morristown and an 18,000 square foot warehouse located 20 minutes outside of Trenton, Global Home Improvement is able to serve all of PA, NJ and DE with their Lifetime Metal Roofing!

Since 2002, Metal Roofing has grown from 2% of the total roofing market to a whopping 12% in 2013. The reason being, each of the past few years the price of asphalt has risen while metal has remained consistent. Furthermore, Global is able to custom fabricate their standing seam metal roof panels on-site allowing for complete control from manufacturing to installation.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is not a new concept; it’s one that’s been updated and approved over the years. Many historic homes in the area still have old tin roofing on either a porch or over a bay window that has been on the home for 80+ years! Metal roofs this old have usually been painted over multiple times but are probably still in relatively good shape. New Standing Seam Roofs are available in over 35 paint colors which is ideal when accenting your home with a pent roof or expressing your individuality and style on your entire home. What’s even more impressive is the non-prorated 35 year paint finish warranty that even guarantee against fading and discoloration!

Standing Seam also offers homeowners some unique benefits that they may not have known about. For example, mechanically seamed metal roofing can be installed on virtually flat surfaces eliminating the need for ugly rubber and tar roofs that last only 8-10 years.


Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile/Slate

In addition to the streamlined look of seamed metal roofing, Global also installs Metal Roofing that replicates the look of Asphalt, Cedar, Concrete Tile and even Slate. You may be asking yourself, why go with a metal version over the original? Fortunately, we have an answer for each of these roof types.

Metal Shingles in New Jersey offer the look of traditional asphalt but because they are non-porous they do not have the same mold and mildew streaking problems of asphalt. Metal Shake offers the look of Hand Split Cedar with a Class A Fire Rating and virtually no maintenance. Metal Tiles give your home the look and feel of a Mediterranean Villa for ½ the cost of real tile and up to 1/7 the weight. And Metal Slate allows every homeowner to afford the rich and luxurious look of slate without the exorbitant cost.

Top 5 Reasons Metal Roofing is the Ideal Roof

Lasts a Lifetime

With a 50 year warranty and even longer life expectancy, metal roofing lasts for generations while increasing your home’s value.

Energy-Star Rated

Not only does metal last longer than asphalt but it is more energy efficient too and even qualifies for a $500 Energy Star Tax Credit.

Increased Curb Appeal

Don’t settle for Asphalt Roofs that stain and discolor in as little as 1 year; Metal Roofing not only looks great but protects against mold, mildew and discoloration.

100 0559 The Complete Homeowner’s Guide To Metal Roofing

Versatile Styles

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are great for historic and contemporary homes with more traditional Metal Roofing designed to replicate Cedar, Slate or Tile.

Ultimate Protection

Your roof’s purpose is to protect your home from the elements; so why not choose a metal roof that’s fire proof, wind rated up to 140 mph and impervious to ice and rain!

Choosing the Right Metal Roof Contractor PA

With an A+ BBB Rating and over 300 metal roofs installed in the last 5 years, Global Home Improvement is the Area’s Premier Metal Roof Contractor. When hiring any professional for your home it is important to research them ahead of time which is why Global is proud to be an Angie’s List Super Service Provider and Guild Quality Service Master.

For your Free Estimate on Metal Roofing and any Exterior Home Improvement call Global Home Improvement today, at 888-234-2929 or visit them online at


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