By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Canine obedience training and canine behavioral training work in conjunction with one another and have many similarities but there are several differences as well.

Canine trainers, also known as dog trainers and/or obedience trainers teach and instruct the fundamental commands, usually in a class setting, for both you and your dog to learn. The instruction is implemented with precise techniques, verbal cues as well as body language and repetition.

As a canine behavior specialist or behaviorist, I can attest that the similarities do include leadership skills, body language, and a strong follow through. It’s always a major advantage to have prior training knowledge. The difference, however, in my experience, comes from working with an individual dog’s specific problems, such as high level fear, trust issues, phobias, etc.

A plan must be made for that specific dog and family to create a new path based on prior knowledge but reconstructed to recondition a higher end negative behavior. Every therapy session and assessment plan is different. This has to be worked from the dog’s perspective so that he or she can “meet halfway” to a resolution.

For both training and behavior, it’s crucial that you enact these clear cut movements to follow through to a successful positive outcome.

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