By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An article in The Wall Street Journal, ‘Tough Teachers Get Results‘, reveals interesting and surprising reports from many studies.

Everyone knocks rote learning but National Spelling Bee winners and Chinese kids who excel in math have been trained to memorize. What does this tell us? Drill and practice can pay off.

Claremont University researchers observed 31 excellent teachers (based on student test scores) in the “worst schools in bad” Los Angeles neighborhoods over a five year period. Those who were strict were the most effective teachers. Their conclusion: Strict is better than nice.

Professor Mark Seery at the University of Buffalo gave students a stress assessment listing 37 kinds of events. While we don’t think of stress as positive, those who experienced negative events, even including the death of a family member, were more resilient. Other research into stress showed that stress can make students tough and have confidence to “do better.”

Recall your school experience. Perhaps you remember these teachers.

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