By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Since the last made up trade column, the Sixers have actually started playing basketball. And though there have been some nice moments from Michael Carter-Williams and the Wroten-Anderson-Blue-Wyatt backcourt-of-the-future-or-maybe-not, they have lived up to the billing of what could very well be the worst team in the NBA this year.

There was a week off of made-up trades, as trade architect Ethan Giles (@Giles1228) had some weak excuse of “mid-terms” and “college” and “responsibility.” But he’s back, and so is this week’s made-up trade!

Important to note that this trade will happen during the season, once (if) Rondo returns and shows he’s healthy.
Sixers Get:

John Henson ($1.9 Million, Three Years)

Dennis Schroeder ($1.3 Million, Four Years)

John Jenkins ($1.3 Million, Three Years)

Jared Cunningham ($1.2 Million, Three Years)

Shelvin Mack ($884 thousand, One Year)

Nets First Round Pick (From Boston)

Milwaukee 2014 First Round Pick

Celtics Get:

Lou Williams ($5.2 Million, Two Years)

Ekpe Udoh ($4.5 Million, One Year)

Brandon Knight ($2.8 Million, Two Years)

Stephen Graham ($1.1 Million, One Year)

Hawks 2014 First Round Pick

Hawks 2016 First Round Pick

Hawks Get:

Rajon Rondo ($12 Million, Two Years)

Thaddeus Young ($8.9 Million, Three Years)

Bucks Get:

Mike Scott ($788 Thousand, One Year)

Jeff Teague ($8 Million, Four Years)

Gustavo Ayon ($1.5 Million, One Year)

Royal Ivey ($884 Thousand, One Year)

Why The Sixers Do It: First, they save Thaddeus Young’s psyche forever by not making him go through this season on the Sixers. Second, you get his salary off the books for the next few years. Third, you add a couple of first round picks. And fourth, and most notable, by adding John Henson to Nerlens Noel, you have the skinniest, shot blockiest front court in NBA history.

Why The Celtics Do It: They add a value contract in Lou Williams, a value contract in Brandon Knight (sort of) get and get two first round picks for Rajon Rondo. Not bad a for a year and a half of a guy coming off ACL surgery who may not be as effective without two hall of fame players to pass to. They also make a strong move in Tankfest 2014.

Why The Hawks Do It: Rondo is an upgrade over Jeff Teague, Thaddeus Young is a nice fit on a fair contract. Of the four teams, the Hawks benefit most immediately.

Why The Bucks Do It: For Jeff Teague? I don’t know. Because they’re drunk maybe.