By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A spokesman for the state House majority leader says it now appears that a vote on a transportation funding bill will be postponed again and could be postponed for good.

Republicans and Democrats in the House have been divided over how much to spend on roads, bridges and mass transit.

The House GOP has been balking at the level of spending in a Senate-passed bill, but over the last week, a new issue has taken on prominence, that is the House Republicans’ desire to roll back expansion of the state’s prevailing wage law, which guarantees union wage levels for workers whose employers have state contracts.

Stephen Miskin, a spokesman for the House majority leader, says prevailing wage is the lynchpin of a deal.

“If the issues surrounding transportation, including prevailing wage, do not get resolved within the next week or two, more than likely [the] transportation funding issue for this session is over.”

At least, Miskin says it’s very likely that a House vote on transportation funding, postponed once already and rescheduled for next week, will be postponed again.

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