PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While Chip Kelly says Michael Vick is day to day, and Vick says his condition is improving, it still seems unlikely he will start on Sunday against the Bucs. With a capable backup in Nick Foles, and the ability to run a necessity, giving his strained hamstring another week to heal would be the most likely option.

“Yeah, I still have hope of getting out there with my team and trying to go out and get win number three for us,” Vick told 94WIP’s Rob Ellis and Glen Macnow on Thursday. “That’s always the goal and I’m trying my hardest to get out there, doing everything I can. I would say right now, I’m about maybe 50 to 60 percent.”

While the quarterback controversy storyline has taken over in the media, Chip Kelly has been steady in his declaration of Michael Vick as the team’s starter when he returns from injury.

LISTEN: Michael Vick interviewed by Rob Ellis and Glen Macnow.

“If Nick goes out there and plays well, then it’s all good for Nick. We’ll be fired up, but I do know I worked extremely hard to put myself in a position to be a starter for this team. Whatever decision Coach Kelly makes, I’ll always respect it because I appreciate everything he has done,” Vick said. “We always sit down, sit back and watch the game at some point during the week, and it was just great to see Nick [Foles] go out there and just play with confidence and put our team in position to win the football game, even when things got tough.”

Vick, who has played a full 16 game season as starting quarterback just once in his career, regrets how the injury happened.

“When I tend to run, I take short strides—I have short stride, but I tend to lean forward and that’s where my speed comes from. I was trying to run a little higher and extend my legs, and I thought that would make me a tad bit faster, but I got to do the things that God put me on this earth to do. And if I would have just ran the way I normally run, I would have been able to slow down the way I was supposed to, not over extend, and that’s what happened,” he said. “My primary goal was to be out there 16 games this year, and I know I talked about it on numerous occasions. I just wanted to be accountable for my team. To have it happen, the way it did, where I was just running out of bounds trying to slow myself down you know, it’s frustrating.”