PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the firing of Peter Laviolette, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly became the longest tenured head coach in Philadelphia (How many times have you heard that this week?), among the four major sports, of course. If you asked soccer fans in Philadelphia that same question, their answer would be ‘John Hackworth.’

Hackworth, the head coach of the Philadelphia Union, has been coaching the Union since June 13, 2012. Chip Kelly was hired to coach the Eagles in January of 2013.

When Hackworth was asked if it bothered him that he was overlooked as the longest tenured coach in the city, Hackworth first said he doesn’t believe it’s an important issue. But he didn’t stop there.

“The second answer is that it does piss me off, to be very clear. But it’s not about me,” he said.  “I think it’s incredible that in this day and age, in the world we live in, with how popular our sport is, that in a city that says that it is such a sports town, to say that, ‘Eh, it doesn’t count as one of the top professional sports.’ I think that’s crazy.”

The WIP Morning decided to dig deeper and asked on the Audio Roadshow app, “Should the Philadelphia Union be included with the four major sports?”

Initially, about 61% of fans said no, but when the official Twitter account of the Philadelphia Union became aware of the poll, and informed their 44,000+ followers to cast a vote an onslaught of votes and Twitter responses ensued.

In the most voted Audio Roadshow poll to date, 53% ended up saying that the Philadelphia Union should in fact be included with the four major sports.

View results and audio submissions here.

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