By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Making embarrassing drunken phone calls is just one of the hazards of consuming too much alcohol.

But with Congress supposedly looking worse than a pile of dog poo to most Americans according to a poll, one website is suggesting you “drunk dial” and tell your elected officials how you really feel.

“Mad at Congress over the shutdown? Have a drink and tell them,” urges Drunk Dial Congress, which encourages you to do just that. “Now’s your chance to tell your Representative what you really think of their actions.”

While CBSPhilly would never encourage irresponsible drinking, Drunk Dial Congress has no such qualms. To reach a member of Congress, users simply enter their phone number into a box on the webpage and click “call.” Via a return call from a 1-800-number, the site then purports to connect the caller to “a random member of Congress,” where he or she is free to verbally berate the unlucky person on the other end.*

Too angry at Congress to think straight? Don’t worry – there’s a list of talking points on the bottom of the page that includes statements like “You only had one job to do & you failed!”

Or, if you’re the type to silently wallow in your shutdown misery, Drunk Dial Congress offers five government-themed cocktail recipes as well.

To see the website for yourself, visit:

*WARNING – CBSPhilly did not verify that this website actually works.