PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Giants and the Eagles have had their share of good and bad luck this season.

Bad luck first. Through four games, each team has played one of the tougher schedules in the NFL, and neither has faired particularly well, with the Giants at 0-4 and the Eagles at 1-3.

The good news is that they’re both part of arguably the worst division in the league, and because of that, both are still close to the NFC East lead. If the Eagles win on Sunday, and the Cowboys lose to the Broncos, the Eagles will be in first place.

Jason Kelce, at least as far as the Eagles go, sees it going that way.

“I think the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win this game Sunday,” Kelce told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday. “As long as we take care of the game, as long as we take care of what we need to do, don’t make huge mistakes, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t win this game.”

Even though the Giants have looked bad, very bad, Kelce doesn’t see them giving up.

“Yeah, I mean anytime a record starts to go down and like you’re saying, it’s an in division game. Both teams know there are playoff implications here, heavy, and they are a little bit desperate. I think you can kind of see it a little bit, when you see them do interviews, you see the head coach do interviews,” he said. “They’re very frustrated with the fact that they are 0-4 right now. So we’re going to get their best, bottom line. Their effort is going to be through the roof, their energy is going to be through the roof. We got to be able to matchup and quiet them early by being able to put up some points.”

The fact that the Eagles are within a game of the division lead is notable, but not a concern to Kelce.

“Yeah, we got to get something going. 1-3 is obviously not cutting it. This isn’t the way we planned for the season to go,” Kelce said. “Now, we played some good teams, but if we want to be a good team we have to win against those teams. So, we’re looking forward to starting again this week with the New York Giants, which is an in divisional game. We’re 1-3, we’re not really focusing too much on that. All we’re really focusing on is beating the New York Giants.”

“There’s definitely more against a divisional opponent and in particular the Giants because they are so close in proximity and everything. I don’t want to say that I have the same exact emotions as someone who has been rooting for the Eagles has had since they were a little kid,” Kelce said. “You can’t match an emotion that has been taught to you through a generation of loving a team and a fan base, but we don’t like the Giants, bottom line. Every single year we have to beat them to make it into the playoffs. We always feel like somehow they get some sort of way where they end up being pretty darn good towards the end there, and we’re tired of seeing them win for sure.”

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