By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia jury today heard closing arguments in the trial of a man charged with killing one person and wounding five others after he was thrown out of a Nicetown bar in June 2011 (see related story).

A Philadelphia prosecutor told the jury defendant Wayne James was disgraced when he was ejected from a Nicetown bar in 2011 for smoking and he came back for revenge.

Prosecutor Brendan O’Malley has told the jury 47-year-old Wayne James was going to make everybody pay and he fired wildly inside the Genesis bar from the doorway — a crime caught on video by multiple cameras inside and outside the bar.

But the defendant, representing himself, has pleaded not guilty and has challenged the identifications based on the video and multiple victims and other witnesses.

The jury has now heard all the evidence and closing arguments and will begin deliberations on Monday.