By Diana Rocco

FALLS Twp., Pa., (CBS) — A car break-in ring in Bucks County.

Police say for the last month, 35 cars were reported broken into throughout Falls Township, but police believe the number is much higher.

“We’ve had three handguns taken from unlocked vehicles, laptop computers, GPS. People forget that they leave their gas cards,” Lt. Henry Ward of Falls Township Police said.

Police say thieves are mostly targeting cars left unlocked in the Taylor Drive, Nottingham Drive neighborhood near Lower Morrisville Road and sections of Levittown.

“Anybody who had an unlocked car was entered and things were taken.  Anybody who had a locked car, wasn’t bothered.  They’re not breaking windows to get into the cars,” Ward said.

“I was driving looking for my sunglasses and I realized they weren’t there, and then I figured out everything else was missing. My GPS, my CDs,” Bethany Milano said.

Milano keeps her car doors locked after her car was broken into overnight while it was left open and parked in the driveway.

“It’s a scary situation. Luckily nobody was hurt,” she said.

Three weeks ago, police arrested 44-year-old Edward Moon and found some of the stolen property.

Police are now looking for at least one other man after a homeowner on Taylor Drive caught someone in their car after dark last week. Police chased the suspect into the woods and lost the trail.

Police are urging residents to keep their car doors locked and call police if they see anything suspicious.