By Syma Chowdhry

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Sorry folks, you won’t be able to learn about the birth of our country today.

Visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall is a history lesson but it’s unavailable due to another historic event; the first government shutdown in 17 years.

This morning the sign went up alerting tourists about the closures.

“It is a sad day, we are putting up signs now to let visitors know that all the park facilities are closed,” says Jane Cowley, a Public Affairs Officer.

Students and teachers from California came to Independence Mall and were turned away from the historic sites.

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Richard Allyn, a tourist from California says, “Our government, who we trust, can’t even do their jobs,”

The students tried taking pictures of the Liberty Bell through the window and though they’re disappointed, they are trying to stay positive.

“It’s history in the making for these kids because they can look back.  It’s a real civic lesson if anything because of what’s going on in the government,” Allyn adds.

Tour guides around the city are worried about their business suffering.

David Emerson, of Centipede Tours says, “A great number of disappointed people coming here to Philadelphia. I hope that it is only short lived.”

It’s not only Americans who are frustrated with Congress, tourists from England and Germany also have some harsh words for our government.

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George Escher, a tourist from Germany, says, “I don’t understand how the greatest nation on the planet can have a Congress conducting itself in such a manner, it’s a shame.”