By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities in Egypt detained a migratory bird for suspicion of spying. Paranoid much? Turns out that the device under the bird’s wing was a tracking device put on by French wildlife scientists to follow movement of migratory birds. Upon learning it was the French who’d tracked the bird, the Egyptians were no longer concerned. But maybe you should be.

Not of the French. But of the lack of laws that exist to protect your privacy from drones.

Not the killing machine type, or even the type of drones in Sector 7G, but the cheap, unmanned surveillance devices that can be as tiny as insects to hover as an eye in the sky collecting information about citizens.

Congress has ordered the FAA to open skies to private drones by 2015. While six states have passed bills limiting the use of drones in law enforcement, only two of those states regulate the use of drones by private parties who want to gather information, like the group PETA which has announced plans to utilize drones to record animal cruelty on farms.

So…start lobbying your legislator to pass a law flipping the bird to those who want to invade your privacy.