By Brad Segall

COATESVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — A Chester County attorney who represents two employees in the Coatesville School District says his clients are being harassed in the wake of the racial text scandal that went public last week.

Attorney Sam Stretton fired off an e-mail over the weekend to the school board alleging that the district’s technology director and acting assistant superintendent have been subjected to continued harassment from administrators.

It was the technology director who discovered the racial text messages that led to last week’s resignation of superintendent Richard Como and athletic director James Donato.

Stretton wants the acting superintendent to step down for asking his client to provide passwords to the district system:

“The superintendent said (in his e-mail) he didn’t care about the district attorney, that the district attorney didn’t work for the district, and that if he didn’t provide the information he would treat my client as being insubordinate — which means he would be fired.”

Stretton wants the board to appoint an independent superintendent and solicitor.  He may also go to the state to ask about a possible district takeover if changes aren’t made.

The Coatesville School Board did not immediately respond to an e-mail request for a comment regarding attorney Sam Stretton’s allegation of harassment.