By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Graffiti, trash and busted sidewalks are among common sites on Pearl Street.

It’s really more of an alleyway that spans four blocks from 10th Street to Broad Street.

The Executive Director of The Asian Arts Initiative, Gayle Isa, says her group is heading the effort to improve Pearl Street, which she sees every day since it happens to be right behind her organization’s building.

“Lighting is sort of one concern, in addition to trying to come up alternate treatments for the surface of the street itself. Although the alley is shaded in many parts, I am thinking about ways that we might be able to plant gardens.”

She says murals are also being talked about, as well as ways to fund and maintain the project.

Isa says design plans are expected to take shape in a couple of months.