By Cleve Bryan

By Cleve Bryan

CLAYTON, N.J, (CBS) – Autumn Pasquale was killed in Clayton, Gloucester County nearly a year ago.

Looking over family photos, Mary Pasquale cannot believe it has been almost a year since her granddaughter Autumn was strangled.

“Waiting for her to roll her bike up and come through the back door, ‘hi mom mom’,” Pasquale said.

Two brothers initially charged in the murder of Autumn Pasquale have now received sentences for lesser crimes. Justin Robinson received a 17 year sentence for aggravated manslaughter (see related story). Tuesday Dante Robinson was released from juvenile detention after being convicted of a lesser crime and given credit for time served.

“It has been a nightmare, just frustrated, and anger, at the system,” Pasquale said.

Eyewitness News stopped by the Robinsons’ home in Clayton where we met the boy’s mother and attorney.

“I do like to extend my condolences, their daughter will always be in my prayer, and so will they,” Robinson’s mother Anita Saunders said.

Attorney Stanley King says the Robinson family has received death threats and had their property vandalized. Now that Dante is home, they hope people will let him live a normal life.

“Can he resume his life? That is the question that is collective as a community. I would hope that we would work as hard to integrate him back into society now realizing that he had nothing to do with this event,” King said.

Many, including the Pasquales, find it shocking the Robinsons are still planning to stay in Clayton.

“I don’t now how any human being with a conscience could still live in a home that such a horrific act had been committed in,” Pasquale said.

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