LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (CBS) – If you like it, maybe you shouldn’t put a ring on it.

That is, unless you want your partner to give up on his or her looks.

A new survey of 2,000 people out of the United Kingdom reveals that 53% of married people say they no longer care as much about their looks as they did before tying the knot. On average, it took them 26 months to throw in the towel on vanity. That’s just a little over two years to completely give up.

Furthermore, two-thirds of people thought it was perfectly acceptable to give up worrying about looks once they entered into a serious relationship.

And when it comes to the pursuit of physical beauty, men pull out of the race long before women. On average, men stop caring about their physical appearance around age 46, while women struggle to keep up appearances until 59.

The survey also revealed four in ten men say walking up the stairs is the most exercise they get on any given day.

“Our survey suggests that maintaining our physical wellbeing into our later years simply becomes a lesser priority – influenced by wanting to relax in comfort and not have to keep up with trends. And men appear to ‘give up’ far sooner than women,” said Paul Keenan, Head of Communications.

Let the (well-deserved!) nagging begin.

For more on the survey results, click here.

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