By Cleve Bryan

By Cleve Bryan

EGG HARBOR Twp., NJ (CBS)– South Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary is just a few weeks from opening.

The Compassionate Care Foundation is growing about 1,500 pot plants in anticipation of an October 15th kick off.

“We are a legitimate business and we were serving patients who really were in need,” says Foundation CE0 Bill Thomas.

The marijuana is being grown in a mold, bacteria and virus free environment.  The plants’ buds will be cut off, dried and sold in quarter-ounce jars to patients who are registered with the state of New Jersey.

“Everyone has to have an appointment and we know how much they can get before they arrive,” says Thomas.

There will be counselors on hand to advise people on which type of marijuana to buy and the best way to ingest it.

“We suggest a vaporizer instead of smoking it because you get more of the medicine,” says Thomas.

Supporters of medical marijuana say it has numerous benefits.  It will help cancer patients deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and ease the pain of people with terminal illnesses. Children and adults can also use it to deal with nervous system disorders.

“If you’re an epileptic and you use it you won’t have a seizure. If you have MS you’re not going to have the tremors that you have now and the phantom pain,” says Thomas.

CCF anticipates about $8 million in sales the first year thanks to $350,000 in New Jersey funding. The growing operation plans to expand.

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