By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s National Senior Center Month and there is a large array of options for our growing older population. The Philadelphia Corporation on Aging is a good local source.

“Talking about our Lives” groups that meet citywide weekly, just listening, no commitments, is a good start. Billiards for men, an emergency fund for heat, utility bill assistance, dance classes, technology help, Bible study, LGBT groups and pottery classes are some of the listings. Fall-proofing your home has simple suggestions, since a third of seniors fall each year.

About 65 million Americans are affected by hypertension and, according to new research at Carnegie Mellon University, older adults who volunteer for at least 200 hours a year decrease their risk of high blood pressure by 40%. The specific type of activity was not a factor.

Check out the September issue of Milestones, a free monthly newsletter published by PCA, that makes it clear that later years can be meaningful and fun.