PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles played (and lost) on Thursday night, so that meant more free time on Sunday than Chip Kelly and his players would usually have.

It’s fair to wonder if Kelly would spend his time like many fans do, even when the Eagles aren’t playing; sitting on the couch, watching NFL football.

“Yeah I watch football. I have ADD, so I can’t watch a ton of it. I enjoy it as a fan, I love football,” Kelly told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show during Kelly’s weekly call-in to Cataldi.

The Eagles have something this week that they haven’t had so far this season; at least a normal week’s rest before the next game. In this case, they’ll have a couple of extra days to prepare for the Denver Broncos. After having a short week after their Monday Night Football victory over Washington, they had an even shorter week to prepare for the Chiefs. It was the shortest time Kelly ever had to prepare to coach a game.

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“We played Saturday to Thursday once I think and then we played another one, like a Saturday to Friday, but I’ve never played that short a week,” Kelly said. “There is a challenge, but they had the same exact challenge. As long as it’s equal for both teams, there’s not an advantage or disadvantage. It’s just you got to do what you go to do, that’s how the schedule came out. We knew we had to play three games in 11 days to start the season, and so be it, let’s go play it and come out the other end and now get ready for the Broncos.”

One of the things they’ll have to figure out in that extra time is how to prevent the sort of turnover differential they had in the Chiefs game, when they turned it over five times.

“I think you can control it, to some extent. I mean sometimes you got to tip your hat and say that was a hell of a play by that guy, and other times you look at it and say that was a correctable mistake. What happened on that particular play and how do we make sure that doesn’t happen again. I think that’s the big thing, as you move forward, if you continue to do the same exact things over and over again that’s where the issues come up, but there’s certain things we’ve got to continue to work on as a group to get better here,” Kelly said. “When we do go into it, we go into with a mindset of, how did it happen? Sometimes with the quarterback position, is that, that guy gets way too much credit and way too much blame. Sometimes you see a quarterback and you’re like how could he make that throw, but you don’t know that the receiver was supposed to run a hitch route, not a fade route. So I think that’s where it sounds like you’re defending somebody, but at other times you’re really not. You know what was called and you know who made the mistake.”

The Eagles won’t play at home for nearly a month, they’ll face the Cowboys on October 20th. They’ve gone over a calendar year without a win at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I wasn’t here last year, but I do know this, in the two games that I’ve been here I think our crowd has been unbelievable. We have to match their intensity at times, to be honest with you, because I think it’s a huge advantage for us,” Kelly said. “There’s a passion there, there’s an intensity there, that hopefully we can build on ourselves and kind of use it as a motivating factor because it can become a huge home field advantage with a crowd like that.”