By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Just as fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs, it’s also a good time to move them if you have to. I try not to move plants very often, but even when you think you give plants plenty of space at the outset, they can grow more – or differently – than you expected.

One of my young trees has a lot of low branches that are shading plants around it that need more sun. I could prune the tree, but it’s pretty and I’d rather let it grow its own way so I’m going to dig out some of the perennials and shrubs it’s overshadowing instead.

Elsewhere, I have little shrubs being smothered by Bee balm (Monarda) that grew twice as tall as I expected – I misread the tag when I bought it, so instead of growing about a foot high, it gets nearly three feet tall. Since Bee balm is harder to dig out completely, it’s easier to transplant the two hollies behind it while they’re still young.

So, if something in your garden needs more space, consider moving it while the soil’s still warm in the early fall, giving it time to put roots down in a new spot before winter comes.

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