By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gunfire in broad daylight at the Morris Estate Playgrounds left one man dead and the hunt continues for his killer.

It happened shortly before 6 p.m. Monday in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood.

The barrage of gunfire stunned and startled mothers and children who police say ran for their lives, including one who abandoned her stroller to dodge flying bullets.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said, “They were young mothers with very young children under the age of 10, some under age of five that were playing on the playground on a nice afternoon. We’re really, really fortunate no other innocent bystanders were struck.”

But a 45-year-old man lost his life, shot multiple times by someone who, according to police, did not leave any evidence behind before fleeing the scene.

Bryant Coleman, family friend said, “I’ve known Tony since before he was even born.”

Monday night, family friends expressed shock and disbelief and identifying the victim as Tony McAllister, stepson of Phyllis McAllister — one of three Philadelphia firefighters killed battling the Meridian Plaza high-rise fire in 1991, one of the worst fires in the city’s history.

Friends tell Eyewitness News this loss is a devastating blow for a widow who must now bury her son killed in a senseless shooting just blocks from their home.

Bryant Coleman said, “Every time a fire truck or police came by she panics because she doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s tragic.”

Anita Coleman, also a family friend added, “To face yet another tragedy such as this, it’s hard for any parent to be able to endure such a thing. We will be here for her as a family because that’s what this neighborhood represents.”

As for the investigation, police tell us they don’t have a description of the suspect or a motive. They’re talking to eyewitnesses, hoping to get some answers.