By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In one week, the issue of who owns guns comes to the forefront again.

Two Colorado lawmakers are recalled because they support gun control, and a killer causes multiple fatalities at the Washington Navy Yard, so the debate is on, both nationally and in our region.

Dorothy Johnson-Speight, the founder of Mothers in Charge, knows from experience — her son was shot dead in Philadelphia in a dispute over a parking space. She wants tougher gun laws:

“The person who killed my son could not have purchased a gun on his own. Someone purchased that gun for him. And I think that is where the concern is that there are too many loop holes where folks are being able to get guns and they end up in the hands of folks who shouldn’t have them.”

Shira Goodman of the group CeaseFirePA sees it as a case of common sense:

“My organization is not trying to change the Second Amendment. We’re not trying to take guns away from people who use their guns responsibly, store their guns responsibly. We’re trying to keep guns out of hands of people who shouldn’t have them. We’re trying to have severe consequences for people who illegally purchase and sell guns and traffic in them and use them when their not suppose to have them. And we want to keep our streets safer.”

Dorothy and Shira are joined by a veteran Daily News Columnist and the head of Pennsylvanians for Protection on tonight’s edition of Voice of Reason on the Comcast Network at 9:30.

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